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It takes great courage to say, I am a homosexual. It needs even greater humbleness to put up with the statement: What did you say? You are a homosexual. The complexity of the homosexual behavior generates an obvious question in my mind as to why society looks down upon deviant sexual orientations like homosexuality. Is it because the homosexuals behave in a way which is not normal, or which is not practiced by the ‘bulk’? Or is it because the ‘bulk’ tries to ignore the harsh trutha truth which attacks his conscience generated out of his socialization that the ‘bulk’ of such bulk does have deviant sexual tendencies at some moment of time, which even gets manifested? The society at large impute taboos and stigmatizes
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It also serves to contest the pervasive heterosexist attitudes that dismiss gay/lesbian/bisexual women and men as the embodied imperfections of Westernisation.
In India there exists sufficient documentary, archaeological and anthropological evidences to suggest that same sex ties especially among men, were not only culturally, but dignified and revered by attributing similar traits to religious deities. The homoerotic carvings among the erotic carvings on the Hindu temples of Khajuraho in Konark and Puri; and on the great Buddhist monument at Borabordur in Indonesia are well known. The Kamasutra mentions a number of homosexual positions in chapter 8th of part III. Indian kings also tended to have a number of boys in their harems.
Nevertheless, today the most shameful fact is that there are many incidents for the harassment of homosexuals. These incidents of harassment of the homosexual community and social discrimination in India remain widespread despite years of campaigning by sexually rights groups in the country. The biggest hurdle faced by the campaign to fight discrimination based on sexual orientation in India is section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, which criminalizes unnatural sex. The law, a remnant of Victorian morality, was made in 1860, when any sexual activity that was not meant for procreation was considered a sin.
It is the time for us to change our perceptions and visualizations vis-à-vis same sex marriages. We must accept that the
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