HOSP582 Case Study 2 Essay

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HOSP582 Case Study 2
ABC Management Company: Organizing for Mid-Range Service

Discussion Questions

1. List some of the important organizational and service factors that the executives of ABC Management should consider before responding to the owners of the three mid-range service properties.
Since the hotels are within the mid range (350-500 rooms), a room director will be needed to supervise the departments that make up the rooms division, another director for the food and beverage department and supervisors in the subdivision under the food and beverage department. Other key members of the management team that should be included are a director of sales and marketing, controller, and a director of human resources. Other
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• Manages a designated team, ensuring month end accounts are prepared in a timely and accurate manner, producing statutory accounts, preparing business budgets and forecasts, managing cash flow and working cross functionally in order to champion commercial initiatives.
Accounting Manager
Payables & Receivables
• Achieves accounting operational objectives by contributing accounting information and recommendations to strategic plans and reviews.
• Meets accounting financial objectives by forecasting requirements.
• Confirms financial status by monitoring revenue and expenses.
• Maintains accounting controls by establishing a chart of accounts.
• Guides other departments by researching and interpreting accounting policy; applying observations and recommendations to operational issues.
Director of Human Resources
Human Resources Department
• Employee services and counseling.
• Employee safety, welfare, wellness, and health.
• Charitable giving.
• Organizational and space planning.
• Performance management and improvement systems.
• Employment and compliance to regulatory concerns.
• Policy development and community communication.
• Compensation and benefits administration.

3. Create an organization chart that ABC Management could use to identify front office positions for the operation of

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