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HOW DOES CHARLES DICKENS CREATE SUSPENSE IN THE SIGNAL MAN? Dickens creates suspense in 'the signal man' by keeping us interested in a number of ways. He portrays the mysterious and deadly setting, the introduction of the signal man and the impression of the narrator fully. He also describes the spooky sight of the first ghost, the unusual second appearance of a ghost and the death aboard the train. Dickens presents the setting of his story vividly. Often, he uses such personification as "angry sunset"; to show that the narrator may be angry as the sun would be blazing down in his eyes. This helps create suspense and make us want to read more. Immediately in the book, we are shown the setting. It is described as a "deep…show more content…
The narrator believes that he is "exact and ingulant" and the safest of men employed", which starts to build our curiosity not only of the man as he is gloomy and exact, but the plot. We start to expect that something bad will happen and even a major twist in the plot. In addition, we are told that he "perused the fixed eyes" and that the signal man gave "grave dark regards" which adds more to our little understanding of the mysterious character. 'Grave dark regards' is made to sound as a warning as I believe he talked slowly, unsure of the man's (narrator) up coming actions. 'The Signal Man' is a ghost story, and as any story develops the writer must introduce the spectre. To keep our interest in the book, he portrays the narrator's feelings against the signal man's visions. Dickens writes, "a disagreeable shudder crept over me", which suggests he was scared of the man's story but refused to believe it. He may have refused to believe this as in those days, religion was much dominant than it is now and in England around this time was Christian, and some parts of the teachings see spectres as unclean and as blasphemy. However, the narrator does not come over as religious, he is more scientific and perhaps believes it is the signal man's own delusions. The signal man was said to have talked "a tone lower than a whisper", that suggests he was weary of talking. The word 'whisper' to me is used
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