HPLC And Analytical Techniques

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1. Introduction
1.1 Introduction to HPLC
1.2 Types of HPLC techniques
1.3 HPLC instrumental parameters
1.4 Significance of Analytical Method Validation
1.5 ICH Guidlines

Pharmaceutical analysis: It is the interdisciplinary subject and it is derived from various branches of sciences like chemistry,physics, microbiology, nuclear science and electronics which deals with analysis of biological, chemicals, foods, drugs and pharmaceuticals qualitatively and quantitatively.

Pharmaceutical Analytical Techniques are categorized into: Pharmaceutical Analytical Techniques
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Eg:UV-visible spectroscopy, I.Rspectroscopy ,NMR spectroscopy, Flourimetry.
 Chromatographic methods : Where we study affinity or artition co-efficient differences of drugs and pharmaceuticals. Eg:TLC(Thin layer chromatography),HPLC(High pressure liquid chromatography), GC(Gas chromatography), HPTLC(high pressure thin layer chromatography), UPLC(Ultra pressure liquid chromatography). Chromatography

Column planar

Gas Liquid SFC Affinity planar
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