HPT Model: Review: Overview Of Performance Analysis

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Executive Summary September 13, 2015 Summary: Overview of Performance Analysis 1 8 Overview of Performance Analysis By Darlene M.Van Tiem James L.Moseley Joan C.Dessinger THE SUMMARY IN BRIEF:CONTENTS -Performance Technology Performance ideology. -The Focus of performance analysis (page 2) -Purpose of Performance Analysis (page 2) - Phases of Performance analysis (page 3) -The analysis Techniques & Tools (page 7) _The anatomy of Performance Analysis (page 8) _Principles of a meaningful performance analysis (page 8) This chapter demonstrates the importance of applying performance analysis in an organization. Designing a training program or intervention plan starts with performance analysis. Without identifying and clarifying the problem or the performance gap, the organization won?t be able to excel or achieve the desired improvement. Specifically, this chapter will deliberate one of the most famous models which is known as (HPT model). IN THIS SUMMARY, YOU WILL LEARN: Getting to know the HPT model. Phases of HPT model. Purpose of Performance analysis. Principles of a meaningful performance analysis The Analysis Techniques and tools The Anatomy of HPT model Introduction Performance analysis is the…show more content…
As an HR specialist (trainer or educator), I need to conduct analysis of the needs of an organization or institution in order to develop training that address the KSA. Therefore, a noticeable improvement on ROI (return on investment) of the company. One of the main objectives for me was identifying the phases of HPT model. In life, work, relationships or even an organization, we need a model to follow or a specific structure. In business, companies need a comprehensive model that allows the company to achieve ROI. Implementing a distinctive model would generate a competitive company in the market, respectable reputation and unique public

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