HR Devolution Leads to HR Evolution

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HR Devolution leads to HR Evolution Executive Summary The Human resource department, HR, has shown a big change in responsibilities and roles with the devolution of HR taking place all over the world. The job of HR has moved from being more tactical to being more strategic in nature. A major chunk of functions that were handled by HR manager before have now been given to the line managers and therefore allow the HR department to focus more on planning strategies which will help lead the organization to a better position. The paper discusses the advantages and disadvantages that are related to devolution in order to assess how it can affect an organizations performance, and whether it is for better or for worse. It also gives a view of the devolution from the perspective of the HR manager as well as from the perspective of the line managers in order to understand how both of them are contributing to this change in the organization and the point of views of both them in their new roles. These situations are also supported by data related to devolution being applied in different industries around the world in order to show a more diverse picture of devolution. This paper will allow the reader to understand what devolution means, how it has affected the HR side of the organization, and thus the organization as a whole. It will give a holistic picture of what employees go through when they face devolution, and whether it is helping evolve HR. Introduction The

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