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HR Management Chapter 3 Application case: Siemens builds a strategy-oriented HR system Question number 1 a) Examples of four strategically required organizational outcomes are: • Producing high tech products and services. • Geographic expansion: Expanding the new products and services in different countries. • Customer satisfaction (superior customer service). • Productivity and quality management (offer consistently high quality services). b) Examples of four required competencies and behaviors: • Since Siemens is producing new high tech products, the company needs highly committed and trained employees, moreover, creative and brilliant engineers. • Dedication helps employees to achieve their…show more content…
To achieve this basic goal, the management team has to improve in their customer service section in order to produce fewer customer complaints, more frequent guest returns and longer stay. Therefore, motivated and high morale employees are required. For example, HR manager must hire candidates who are friendly in nature and who have strong communication skills. And to improve the employee morale, HR department decided to institute practices to improve disciplinary fairness and justice in the company. Question number 2 Five specific metrics the Hotel Paris

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