HR: Strategic Staffing Handbook

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Strategic Staffing Handbook Table of Contents Introduction: Strategic Staffing and its Importance Our Company: Acme Design Firm How Strategic Staffing Can Work For Acme Design Firm How To: Job Analysis Posting a Position: The Rationale Behind It How To: Post a Position Sample Application Form Interview Philosophy How To: Interview Sample Interview Questions Pre-Employment Testing and Assessment Development Work Environment and Organizational Culture Summary and Conclusion Introduction: Strategic Staffing and its Importance Strategic staffing entails keeping the company's mission, values, and goals in mind when making human resources decisions, such as hiring and promoting employees. Using strategic staffing involves a great deal of interaction and communication with senior management, because it is important that the human resources manager in charge of strategic staffing be aware of changes to the organization's culture, structure, mission, values, or immediate goals. Moreover, strategic staffing can help a company to avoid problems by planning for them in advance with a human resources strategy. As Carabelli (n.d.) puts it, "By identifying needs before recruiting, developing and keeping employees, your organization will be prepared to maintain status quo or weather growth or decline," (p. 1). Therefore, strategic staffing is more than just human resources management. It involves an identification of the organization's immediate and long-range needs; a
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