HR Technology Reflection Assignment

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29. Your grandma is having her annual osteoporosis checkup, which includes an iDXA scan. Six months ago, she had a spinal fusion at L1-L3. Her clinician uses ISCD diagnostic criteria. How should the scan proceed? If her clinician used WHO diagnostic criteria, would you recommend the same scan procedure?
The scan should proceed using the dual femur and the forearm. Her spine would not be the appropriate site to analyze. The dual femur and forearm should be used in this case because she has had surgery at L1-L3. The rods and screws from the surgery, would most likely generate higher T-scores and Z-scores, which will misdiagnose her analyzation. Moreover, her spine is not a good area to be scanned, due to her surgery. Therefore, the clinician should still use ISCD to generate a diagnosis. If the clinician used WHO I would still recommend using just the dual femur scan. WHO analyzes the femoral neck. Therefore, the forearm would not be needed for analyzation with this particular organization.
30. Compare the research article you found for the “HR Technology Reflection Assignment” to one of the articles we discussed in class in terms of results, methods, HR technology, and how the technology was used.
The article that I found used low intensity, moderate intensity, and high intensity, which is similar to our intensities that we used. They used several different machines to assess the intensity such as a stationary bike, a treadmill, and an elliptical. However, we used a

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