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HR Training Class VeEster Wiley Dr. Sandra Bryant HRM 530 08/24/2014 Justify the use of a needs assessment of your company’s proposed employee customer service training, stressing five (5) ways in which such an assessment would expose any existing performance deficiencies. An employee needs assessment is an asset to have in the retail industry. In this demanding line of work it is imperative that we have employees who are fully capable of doing their job well and quickly. Therefore, the needs assessment is needed to help shine the light on those candidates who best fit our needs. One way that a needs assessment may expose any existing performance deficiencies is by looking at the candidates’ individual needs. A needs…show more content…
The role play helps the new hire fully appreciate how things may happen in the retail industry. By role playing kinetic learners are able to get up and apply the information that they have been taught. This is good for all retail new hires because they can see what may or may not happen while at work. This type of exposure will help cut down on confusion when a real world problem presents itself. Modeling is great for new hires in the retail industry because they are able to see how a situation should play out if handled properly. By modeling the correct behavior and activities in front of a new hire the organization is able to ensure that the employee was taught the proper way by someone in the field who is an expert at what they do. On the job training is beneficial to any new employee, especially in the retail industry. By shadowing other employees who have more experience and learning along the way is the best way to train. All three learning areas; auditory, visual, and kinetic, are being tapped into. The employee is able to pick up more quickly because it is in the moment. Retail organizations should always include on the job training for their new hires so they can make sure that their employees are trained properly and fully aware of how the company should be running. All of these training methods that I selected are helpful and highly recommended in the retail industry. They each offer a different method of training that is intertwined with another method to
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