Essay on HRIS Requirements For Riordan Manufacturing

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System Overview Several processes within Riordan's Human Resource Information System (HRIS) have been identified as disjointed and Riordan wants to integrate those processes into the HRIS to create a more seamless, secure and efficient system. Manual processes as well as partially automated processes, both internal and external third party, will need to be integrated into the HRIS system to accomplish this integration goal.
HRIS Updates Changes to information in the HRIS database are currently submitted in writing by a Manager manually filling out special forms and sending them to headquarters where a payroll clerk enters the data into the system. This process can be error prone as well as slow and needs to be automated. Creating a
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1. The system will provide interface screens to capture training requirements records for employees and training results and store it in a central secured repository for secured retrieval by Managers, specialists, and employees.
2. The system will generate reports on a regular basis to notify Managers of mandatory training for their employees.
3. The system will notify individual employees of company required training.

Recruitment Each recruiter maintains applicant information for open positions. Resumes received are filed in a central storage area and an Excel spreadsheet is used to track the status of applicants. The recruiting process needs to be automated so that applicant information is stored in the HRIS database as well as their resume and their status as they progress through the hiring process.
1. The system will provide an interface screen for Managers to enter qualification criteria for job openings within the company and store it in a centralized database as a part of HRIS.
2. The system will provide a notification and tracking mechanism to recruiters of new job openings that need to be filled as well as existing jobs in the process of being filled and the status of those jobs.
3. The system will provide the ability to catalog applicants and their qualifications in order to
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