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1. (TCOs 1, 8). What does KSAO stand for with respect to training? Give one example for each letter in your explanation for the job of Professor of Human Resource Management. (Points : 35) KSAO or Knowledge, Abilities, Skills, and Other Characteristics (KSAO) tests are metrics used either during training or hiring processes to evaluate applicants and trainees. The KSAO will typically measure several areas of competency and will use a weighted metric for analysis. The following examples are what one might see in the explanation of the job of Professor of Human Resource Management. Knowledge- A degree of a PhD or higher in Human Resource Management would be a requirement in this area. Knowledge in a KSAO is typically measured in degrees…show more content…
However, I often lack the ability to answer enough customer service questions due to the lack of information provided for answering certain questions. Output- this area refers to the job’s performance standards. At my job, we are expected to answer questions for customers and not to place them on hold for extended periods of time. All calls are measured by the standard of hold times which is expected to be less than 45 seconds. However, this metric is often failed by employees due to lack of information provided to service operators. Consequences- This area refers to the types of incentives that employees receive for performing well and also what they will not receive. For instance, at my job when callers are placed on hold for longer than 45 seconds, this action diminishes the ability of workers to receive bonuses at the end of the year. Feedback- This area refers to the ongoing information that employees receive in the performance of their jobs. At my job, we receive feedback, letting us know that we exceeded the standards for call wait times or if we have not met this standard. Feedback also goes back to the management in that they become aware of the situations. Through the steps in this analysis a need assessment can be constructed. In my situation, since I am not lacking in specific skills tested in the KSAO then I am in need of other tools to perform my job more efficiently. In this
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