HRM 520: Ethics and Advocacy for HR Pro

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Zappos: Delivering Customer Satisfaction

HRM520 Ethics and Advocacy for HR Pro


Susan Rivera Richards

Submitted to Dr. James G. Ziegler, PH.D.

Spring 2105

Analyze the manner in which Zappos’ leadership has fostered a culture of ethicalness in the company. Suggest two (2) actions that other companies can take in order to mimic this culture.

Many companies look at returns in a negative way but Zappos look at it as an opportunity. Companies need to look at returns as a positive experience. The company says a customer have up to three hundred sixty days (360) for a full refund. Most companies do not offer any time of refund that far out. Majority companies offer up to thirty days (30). From my
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Evaluate the effectiveness of the core values in relation to developing a culture of ethicalness. Determine the manner in which the core values support the stakeholder’s perspective.
The core values of the company is how the company handle transactions on a daily basis. Zappos business model built around developing long term customer relationships. The company strives to make a different and addicting experience. Zappos have relax and wacky atmosphere. Since the core values differ from other companies. It untraditional, the core values create a framework for the company’s actions. It’s exemplified in the company’s commitment to their customers and employees’ well-being and satisfaction.

Analyze the major ethical challenges that Zappos has faced. Determine whether or not you would have resolved these challenges differently than Zappos’ management. Provide a rationale for your response.
In regards with the ethical challenges that the company have overcome was amazing. I have read about a few companies that did not handle layoffs well. They did not remember the ones who help the company grow which are the employees. Mr. Hsieh was honest about the financial situation which is very admirable in my eyes.

The other two challenges was pretty much the same scenario. I feel that the Zappos’s CEO felt very strong about the employees and customers. Every decisions that he had to make was how it would affect all parties involved. It seem that he has integrity and that

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