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Limo Training Plan Team Vitamin C: Robert Newton, Michelle Thompson, Sheila Thompson, Shanica Todd-Huggins HRM 531 December 1, 2014 Machelle Thompson J.D. Limo Training Plan To: Bradley Stonefield From: Team C Date: 11/26/2014 Subject: Training Plan The training plan for Landslide Limousine Services includes the Needs Assessment, Training Method, and Training Evaluation Method. Which includes analysis, organizational analysis, demographical analysis, operational analysis and individual needs assessment. Secondly, the training methods are to be examined. The training methods include types of media, learning principles, training for learning skills or facts and effectiveness of training methods. Third, the training evaluation…show more content…
Forecast predictions suggest 1.50% annualized growth in the population (U.S. Census Bureau, 2014). 43.9% of the population has a bachelor’s degree or more (Austin, Texas Census, 2014). Advanced education and population boom will provide Landslide Limousine the opportunity to acquire the most talented employees. Operational analysis will set the stage for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the limousine service. Operational factors such as cost, labor, work processes, and training, sets the tone for how employees navigate daily in assigned roles, and how the business meets the demands of customers. Start-up cost will impact the budget for training, labor, and work processes. Therefore, an operational analysis considers all factors involved in the market, to provide Landslide Limousine service the ability to maintain financial stability, and improve employees perform at an optimal level. Individual analysis provides Landslide the tools to manage people. Factors that influence persons in the work environment are behavior styles, challenges, self-awareness, other individuals, and the individual's alignment with the business objectives. The individual analysis assists in people development. People development is part of the mission values and goals of the company. The mission value and goals of the company is to provide a high standard of customer service, and ensure that each customer has an exceptional experience. Training Methods The goal of developing
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