HRM 531 Week 2 Knowledge Check Essay

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Top of Form 1. At a comprehensive point of view, a(n) _____ includes anything an employee values and desires that an employer is able and willing to offer in exchange for employee contributions. A. competency-based pay system B. employee stock ownership plan C. organizational reward system D. merit-pay method Bottom of Form Correct :Organizational reward systems include both financial and nonfinancial rewards for employee contributions. Materials Components and Objectives of Organizational Reward Systems Top of Form 2. ___________ bridge the gap between organizational objectives and individual expectations and aspirations. A. Financial systems B. Corporate compensation systems C. Employment practices…show more content…
Narrowing pay ratios between jobs or pay grades in a firm’s pay structure is A. pay secrecy B. pay compression C. pay security D. pay inequality Bottom of Form Correct :Pay compression is related to and affected by inflation. It is the narrowing of the ratios of pay between jobs or pay grades in a firm's pay structure. Materials Policy Issues in Pay Planning And Administration Concept: Organization-wide Incentives Mastery 100% Questions 10 11 12 Materials on the concept: Organizationwide Incentives Team Incentives Top of Form 10. Gain sharing plans consist of all EXCEPT which of the following elements: A. An internal equity B. A philosophy of cooperation C. A financial bonus D. An involvement system Bottom of Form Correct :The philosophy of cooperation in an organization is shown by high levels of trust, two-way communication, participation, and harmonious industrial relations. The involvement system is the structure and process for improving organizational productivity using employee-staffed committees. Materials Organizationwide Incentives Top of Form 11. Which of the following is NOT another name for gain sharing? A. The Scanlon plan B. The Rucker plan C. Control-based compensation D. ImproshareBottom of Form Correct :The Scanlon, Rucker, and Improshare plans combine leadership, workforce education, and employee participation with a reward system linked to group or organization performance.

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