HRM 560 WRITING ASSIGNMENT 2 Environmental Pressures v2a Essay

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Assignment 2: Environmental Pressures
Sandra T. Sims, Student
Summer Quarter 2014
HRM 560 – Managing Organizational Change
Instructor: Dr. Mary Hair Collins
1. Create a table where at least three (3) organizational pressures and at least three (3) environmental pressures in the organization are illustrated and rank those pressures according to their influence. Corporate organizational pressures describe change both negatively and positively for the company and its employees. These evaluations of environmental and organizational pressures are described using Company XYZ, one of my previous employers. Change takes place as a consequence of strategic pressures driving the organization to new directions. The following is a table
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The following diagram will assist executives in deploying change management. (Encyclopedia of Business, 2nd ed., 2003)
The diagram above illustrates the resources offered to improve the implementation of change. The Employee’s Survival Guide to Change Book is usually a book tailored for each corporation. This change book will include elements detailing organizational changes to ensure that each employee is aware of the company’s new vision and direction.
3. Explain how the identified environmental and organizational pressures impact the company from a financial perspective.
In Company XYZ, environmental pressures affected the company’s bottom line by a direct relationship to the national health insurance changes. From a financial perspective this change proved positive to the company. All changes stemming from the merger proved to be profitable for the corporation, even the move of corporate atmosphere to a paperless society. This move allowed the company to participate in tax advantages of energy savings as well as reduce the cost of paper supplies and printing cost.
4. Explain how the identified environmental and organizational pressures impact you personally or the other employees of the company.
In the beginning, from an employee’s perspective the change to a paperless society proved to be very difficult. However, given management directive marker boards were given to each employee to substitute for paper in