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DOWNLOAD HERE HRM 587 Final Exam 1. (TCO All) For the next set of questions, you will first select ONE of the TCOs of the course. Then, you will be asked to write an essay about the project you worked on this term over your two companies’ change program based on the TCO you selected above. Select the TCO your essay question will cover: TCO A - Given that progressive and successful companies require their employees to embrace change, examine how changing work conditions impact the employees. TCO B - Given the inherent reality that all organizations must experience change in order to improve, demonstrate how “models” are used in Change Management, for diagnosing an organization’s need for change. TCO C - Given external,…show more content…
For your answer, be sure to reference the names of the companies you studied in your project this term to help your instructor determine the score of your response. You will assess the “sustainability” of the changes which occurred in the companies you studied. Select ONE of the company change programs for your answer to this question and state it here. Assess the change project. Was it successful or unsuccessful in your opinion? What will it take (what are some steps the company can, should, or DID take) to make it SUSTAINABLE? What theories did you consider in coming to this conclusion? Do you think this change will still be in place in one, five, or ten years? Why or why not?(Points : 35) As for the People, it should be determined whether the organization has the right skills and talents for the change to be supported and for the organization to achieve its strategic goal. For example, if the strategic goal is to increase revenue through increased sales then the company sales people should be given sufficient training about the company’s own and acquired products as this will enable the sales staff to more easily sell the company’s products. I feel that the changes made in SAP will stay in place for years to come. Now that steps have been gathered to analyze large amounts of employees, customers, and sales data being generated by companies it will enable SAP to create new processes and applications that will strength

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