HRM 630

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Final Paper/Case Study This final assignment requires you to apply concepts that you have learned over this session. Pay careful attention to the instructions. Please read the included case study, Clean Car Care. You have been hired to help the company’s owner fill a manager’s vacancy at its north-side facility. Your paper (your input as an HR consultant) must address the following: 1. What method of final choice do you think Otto of 3C’s used to choose among the finalists? Explain your answer. Do you believe he used the correct method? Why? 2. The selection component of staffing is the process of assessing and evaluating people to determine if there is a fit between the person and the job. What KSAOs do you think are…show more content…
5. Use APA format when you cite sources and for your bibliography. 6. Use 12 point font for your work 7. The offer letters should follow business format and be complete. In grading your assignment, I will evaluate content, clarity, analysis, organization, mechanics, and accountability. I have been somewhat lenient on spelling and word choice up to this point, but for this paper, I will automatically deduct points and apply the rubric. TURNITIN! - This assignment MUST be submitted to Turnitin. Failure to submit your work to Turnitin in a timely manner can cause your work to be late. The standard departmental penalty for late assignments will apply. For this assignment, the originality score should be 15% or less. Please submit your actual matching % with the assignment. A simple note at the top of your paper will suffice, i.e. Turnitin % = xx. I actually review your papers in Turnitin because the originality score is based on preset parameters that I cannot change before submission. I can however manage those parameters and adjust them when I review the papers. ALL matches in the originality report should be reviewed to ensure that proper referencing has occurred. Turnitin is a tool that assesses the originality of your work. The matching % indicates how much of the work represents your thinking vs. the ideas from other authors. You may submit this assignment to Turnitin multiple times before you upload the
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