HRM Course Takeaways

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ASSIGNMENT - HRM “Major takeaway from course” & HR Audit “Appraisal System and Its Linkage to Pay for Performance” Submitted to Mrs. Mansi Submitted by - Nitesh kumar (Role No – EOMOP ) Contents The Major Take Away From This Course 3 Human Resource Management 3 Competency and Its Mapping 3 Recruitment 3 Training and Development 3 Important Legal Aspect In Reference to Indian Labor law. 3 HR audit on Appraisal System 5 Appraisal System and Pay for Performance 5 The present Appraisal system 6 Negative points 6 Suggestion for changes 8 Reference 9 The Major Take Away From This Course The following are some of the…show more content…
HR audit is very much useful to achieve the organizational goal and also is a vital tool which helps to assess the effectiveness of HR functions of an organization. It gives an idea that the organization is aligned to the organizational vision, mission and goal or not. In reference to this assignment I have done audit of “appraisal system and its linkage to pay for performance” Appraisal System and Pay for Performance The purpose to do this audit is to examine and pinpoint strength and weaknesses related to HR areas – like appraisal system and Pay for performance system to enable an organization to achieve its long-term and short-term goals. This audit is done for my own organization. Few suggestions for improvement are also added. The present Appraisal system The job role is clearly explained and is quantified. The performance is rated as A+ , A, B+ , B and C. The one who exceed in achieving the goal this will get A+ and so on. The one who gets A+ will be rewarded monetarily for display of great performance which exceeded the given target. Rest all will not be financially rewarded. This happens every quarter and finally at the end of financial year. Management felt it needed to use pay-for performance as an additional inducement either to achieve particular goals,
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