HRM Functions, Policies, and Practices

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HRM Functions, Policies and Practices: Human Resource Management is commonly known as manpower planning, which is an approach to the management of people in an organization. In the past few years, human resource management has become an integral function across many organizations and a specialized area of study. The increased focus is primarily because of the recognition of the fact that employees play a crucial role in the accomplishment of the overall objectives and goals of the organization. Generally, human resource management aligns the skills of workers with the current and future organizational needs and utilizes the employee skills towards the attainment of the desired goals. In addition to human resources being an exclusive department across several organization human resource management is considered as a major department to the extent that its part of an organization's top management. Functions of Human Resource Management: The significance and prominence of human resource management in an organization is attributed to its role and functions within the firm. Some of the major functions of human resource management include "¦ Organizational and Employee Goals: Human resource management has the major role of understanding organizational and employee goals and aligning them to ensure organizational profitability and employee satisfaction. HRM understand these goals through human resource planning in which the current and future needs of the organization are
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