HRM Practices in Australia vs. Other Southeast Asian Countries

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Abstract: This essay discusses about how it is impossible to compare South-East Asian Human Resource practices with those employed in Australian companies due to substantial differences in political, legal and social environments. In the political aspect, governments from south-east Asian companies and Australian companies are compared based on their compliance with the labor rights and standards. While in the legal aspect, the Australian flexibility on labor law and the Philippine labor code which states otherwise is discussed and how Australian and Philippine HRM practices are affected. Lastly how culture, norms, attitude, and the social environment of Australians and Filipinos become factors in HRM trying to lay out rules regarding…show more content…
While in south-east Asian companies, HR managers are not faced with the same scenario. In the Philippines for instance, “Only Filipino citizens or corporations, partnerships or entities at least seventy-five percent (75%) of the authorized and voting capital stock of which is owned and controlled by Filipino citizens shall be permitted to participate in the recruitment and placement of workers, locally or overseas.” (Labor code of the Philippines, art. 27), therefore in a Philippine company mostly Filipino employees are working there. An HR manager practices decisions and makes plans based on the culture of the Filipino people. The social environment affects Human resource management practices by putting into account what the set of standard norms are accepted in the society. One example of this is the development of human resources as influenced by the company’s demographic location. As stated in the journal made by Kim, 2012 “Societal development can be defined and applied in various situations. Compared to social, societal is often used by social scientists when they are referring to the influence of societies, or things arising from the conditions set by society.” Although there is no definite or universal way as to how human resources should develop, it is often how each and every employee perceives what the norms are in their society do they act upon the boundaries of right and wrong. Human

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