HRM Training and Staff Development

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Step 1 Assessment of Training Need Ask Departmental Heads Assess the type of Training needed by these individuals Step 2 Evaluation of Alternative Training Soultions Find the number of newly hired members who need training Find Existing employees who neeed training Step 3 Assess the need for implementing the most advanced Technological methods for training programs Do cost and benefit analysis Evaluate software vendors that provide Advanced training solutions Data Analysis and Presentation Presentation of final reportto the Top Management for Review and decision making Analyze the collected data to make it concise and presentable HRM455: Training and Staff Development 1 Abstract This paper recommends a set of activities which Google Inc. can carry out to resolve its HR issues of low employee motivation and lack of training. The major sections of the paper include training program overview, training need assessment, costs and risks analysis, flow chart and time schedule of activities, and recommendations and their justifications. Executive Summary This paper presents a report on resolving the human resource management issue through employee training development program. The multinational organization selected for this report is Google Inc one of the most successful technological giants in the world. The biggest issue which Google Inc. is facing in its human resource management practices is the training, development, and motivation of its employees. This
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