HRM of storekeeper

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Introduction P.3
Job Analysis of the position of storekeeper P.3
Job description and specification of a storekeeper in Apollo Hospital P.5
Recruitment P.5
Selection P.7
Training and Development P.8
Conclusion P.10
References P.11

Introduction It is found that there is an non-availability of medicines, drugs, equipment and other consumables
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Different types of medicine and drugs indeed have different duration. Besides, to maintain the medical machines’ availability, storekeepers are needed to be taught of different machines’ principle theory in terms of mechanic.
Recruitment is one of the important elements regarding on Human Resources Management. Obviously, the aim of this scenario is Apollo Hospital want to employ few more storekeepers to manage the large quantities of different medical equipment in order to face the growing of its h as it offers quality. Using what way to recruit storekeeper is important. It will directly affect the following procedures about HRM. Recruiting is divided by two parts, one is internal recruiting, another one is external recruiting. In this case, it is more suitable to use external recruiting to employ applicants due to the enlargement of the range of candidates. Developing a larger pool can provide more opportunities for Apollo Hospital’s HR department to hire their suitable applicant. Also, this can indeed increase the number and the type of the applicants who apply for this position. It brings only good but no harm. Apart from the method using regarding applicant recruitment, the HR department have their responsibility to maintain the process of recruitment. The consistency of recruitment is one of the concerning issue. If they has bias to
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