HRM performance in Baidu

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1.Introduction of Baidu 2
2. Recruiting 3
2.1.Introduction of Recruiting 3
2.2.How to implement recruiting 3
2.3. Benefits to Baidu 3
3. Analyzing work and designing jobs 4
3.1.Introduction of analyzing work and designing jobs 4
3.2.How to implement analyzing work and Designing jobs 4
3.3.Benefits to Baidu 5
4.Employee relation 5
4.1.Introduction of employee relation 5
4.2.How to implement the employee relation 6
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If the supervisors find that some employees are hardworking and talented, they can also chat with these employees and ask them whether they want to get higher positions.
However, the demand of Baidu is big. Internal sources cannot meet the demand. They should try hire new employees outside. It can advertise this information on the Internet websites likes 58 Tong City. There are also many public employment agencies can help Baidu. Advertising in newspapers and magazines is a popular choice. Many students graduate from colleges and universities every year. They should be the main force to push the development of Baidu. 2.3.Benefits to Baidu
Internal recruiting has many advantages. These employees are well known to Baidu because they worked in Baidu before. They have the ability and knowledge to fit their new jobs .It will minimizes the possibility of unrealistic job expectations. The cost of internal recruiting is less than external recruiting. Internal recruiting is an efficient and fast way to meet the vacancies.
External recruiting also has many advantages. Many people find jobs everyday, so putting the information on the Internet is the most efficient way to make more people know it. Many job seekers will contact Baidu and Baidu has enough resources to choose the best employees. The graduates are always active and they usually try their best to finish their tasks to get the
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