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HS111 Unit 4 Assignment Sections 1, 2 and 3 are worth 30 points each. You must place the hyphen correctly in Section 1 and 2. In section 3 you must place the combining form with the slash to receive full credit. Section 4 is worth 60 points. This assignment contains 4 sections and APA formatting, which is worth 150 points. Incorrect spelling and not placing the hyphen or slash mark properly will result in deductions from the total score. In Section 1, you will identify the prefix for the given definition. In Section 2, you will identify the suffix for the given definition. In Section 3, you will identify the combining form for the given definition. In Section 4, you will proofread the Progress Report listed below. Next, you will…show more content…
In transport, patient received O2 at 4 liters via nasal cannula, baseline EKG, Normal Saline IV started in left hand, 325 mg aspirin by mouth (po). Patient complained she was short of breath and experiencing severe pain between her shoulder blades. She stated that she has been feeling nasuseated for the past 3 hours. She states she has a history of stable angina and is currently taking medication as needed. She states she did not take the nitroglycerin because she was not experiencing chest pain, just back pain. She states that her last check-up with the Pulmonologist showed that her EKG did not show any changes since her last visit. She denies episodes of syncope. The patient does report that she tripped over something on the floor, which resulted in her falling and hitting her back on a large table. In addition, she states that her heart rate has been ranging from 130/ 90 to 140/92. Patient states her Primary care physician placed her on blood pressure medication 2 months ago due to the increase. ALLERGIES: Penisyllin, IVP dye, mold, pollen CURRENT MEDICATIONS: Lovastatin 20 mg po per day, Enalapril 20 mg po bid, Nitroglycerin 0.4 mg sub q prn for chest pain. PHYSICAL EXAM: Temperature 98.6, Blood pressure 140/90. Pulse 110. Respirations 26. Her lungs are clear, showing mild signs of distress. Heart sounds are normal, irregular rhythm and bradycardia

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