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The Primary Care Clinic January 31, 2015 HSA 300 - Health Services Organization Management Professor Janet Kaplan The Primary Care Clinic Many important factors go into play when running a healthcare organization. I plan to discuss some of the key components that have influenced the development of this health care facility. The clinic mission statement will be stated and addressed to clear up any confusion. I plan to identify the three performance measures I would use to measure the clinic’s effectiveness and provide the rationale for each performance measure. I will also explain ways in which I will approach the decisions on expansions. I will also describe the role the primary clinic has played in the healthcare systems in our…show more content…
(2010). This information is obtained through financial reports, complaint records, and ongoing client surveys. The second performance measure I would use would be responsive communication. This measures satisfaction surveys retention, absenteeism, and vacancy measures. These measures will let us know what is going within the organization. Some examples are percent of “loyal” associates, percent of RN positions are vacant, and tenure of associates. The concept of this is associate satisfaction, retention, and complaints. In order to provide excellent care, we will need to know what the staff is feeling. Happy employees mean better performance which equals better patient care. For the third measure, I would focus on corporate design. Corporate design measures market share, efficacy of care, per capita cost of care, improvements unmet or delayed and variation in internal performance. The concept behind this measure is to find the extent of service, uniformity of performance, and competitor relations. Surveys are a big part of obtaining all this information and provide a great deal of knowledge on how well this organization is performing. The Decisions Regarding Annual Plan Approval and Clinic Expansion Business plans are models of a specific strategy or function that guides

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