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HSC 3045 Promote Positive Behaviour. Outcome 1 1: Legislation sets out laws that must be followed, these laws can help protect workers and the vulnerable people being supported. It is the responsibility of both the company and the employee to be aware of these legislations, Legislation such as the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 and Human Rights Act 1998. The company's policies and procedures, training given to staff, following care plans also encourage positive behaviour all contribute to ensure the best support is provided to individuals. 2: Restrictive interventions are ways of preventing an individual from carrying out a task. This task could be challenging behaviour, these intervention techniques are only used…show more content…
It can also help prevent incidents or negative behaviour happening. 6: Individuals that feel comfortable with routine may experience distress if they are not able to carry out those routines. They may become aggressive towards people very quickly and any positive relations with that individual may brake down. Outcome 3 1: A range of factors could be associated with challenging behaviours, factors such as the individual could be in pain, feeling the effects of drugs, not having enough sleep all could be contributing to challenging behaviour. 2: Monitoring closely how an individuals behaviour changes as a result of strategy’s put in place for them is very important, the strategy’s could be having a negative affect on them or they may not be having an effect on the individuals behaviour at-all. It it important that the strategies are beneficial to the individuals well being. 3: A good way of building trust with an individual you support is to involve them in activities, always give positive feedback when they are showing positive behaviour. Rewarding positive behaviour will help reinforce that behaviour. Outcome 4 1: Challenging behaviour can be displayed in many forms such sexual actions, becoming violent, throwing objects or being verbally abusive. 2: The training support workers undertake helps prepare them to identify

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