HSC 3048: Support Individuals at the End of Life

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Unit – HSC3048

Understand the requirements of legislation and agreed ways of working to protect the rights of individuals at the end of life
1.1 - Outline legal requirements and agreed ways of working designed to protect the rights of individuals in end of life care.

End of life care refers to the care and support provided to an individual with a life limiting illness and to others that are involved with that person such as their family and friends. The General Medical Council (GMC) defines persons at the end of their life when it is likely that they will die within the next year.
There are numerous legislations that protect the
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4. Whether the death is sudden and unexpected, or ongoing and expected, there is information and help available to address the impact of dying and death.
5. Although each person reacts to the knowledge of impending death or to loss in his or her own way, there are similarities in the psychosocial responses to the situation.
6. Kubler-Ross' (1969) theory of the stages of grief when an individual is dying has gained wide acceptance in nursing and other disciplines.
7. The stages of dying, much like the stages of grief, may overlap, and the duration of any stage may range from as little as a few hours to as long as months. The process vary from person to person.
8. Some people may be in one stage for such a short time that it seems as if they skipped that stage. Some times the person returns to a previous stage. According to Kubler- Ross, the five stages of dying are:

They are widely known as ‘DABDA’

On being told that one is dying, there is an initial reaction of shock.
The patient may appear dazed at first and may then refuse to believe the diagnosis or deny that anything is wrong.
Some patients never pass beyond this stage and may go from doctor to doctor until they find one who supports their position.

Patients become frustrated, irritable and angry that they are sick. A common response is,” Why me?”
They may become angry at God, their

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