HSER 511 Support Group Report Essay example

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Support Group Report

Support Group Report

In this paper, I will be discussing my finding in Overeaters Anonymous support group. I will enlighten the reader further by providing knowledge of the topic. The purpose of the OA meetings and objective will be included along with the support groups dynamics and demographics. I will be incorporating my observations from the Corey video and the reading. The working stage of group development along with the leader’s behavior during sessions.

Dynamics and Demographics
I attended an OA support group at the Anuvia Prevention Center located on 100 Billingsley Road in the Horizon Room. I obtained permission from the leader of the OA
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In the first session, I was not too familiar with each verse word for word but I noticed that I had read the prayer before. After reading the prayer, the leader asked each member to be seated and she asked each member to introduce themselves and the purpose of attending the group. While going around the circle I acknowledged that each member referred to themselves as either “Hi my name is _____________, or I am a “compulsive overeater” or a “food addict.” I introduced myself as Kerski Houston, not really a compulsive overeater but I have a tendency to eat much more rapidly. After watching the “Groups in Action” video, I observed similar interaction from my group initial session as far as members testing the atmosphere and trying to get better acquainted (Corey, et. al., 2014). Confidentiality
The OA support group was confidential and the members mentioned during introduction that what goes on in the OA meetings is asked to only be discussed in those meetings and no outside information is to be shared with any non-member. There were no consents of information passed out for newcomers to sign in agreement to assure the rights of privacy. However, the leader informed the newcomers in the beginning by providing information about the issues with privacy and confidentially to their new members. If a member violates or if suspected to violate policy it is considered to be unethical and needs to be reported to the sponsor. I found it very difficult at times during
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