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The dilemma that goes before the ethics committee is that Margie Whitson, age 95, wishes to have her pacemaker deactivated and her physician declined her request based on ethical concerns. By deactivating the pacemaker, the physician feels that patient would not survive. Mrs. Whitson’s physician, Dr. Vijay, is concerned that the deactivation of the pacemaker would be in conflict with the code of conduct and code of ethics as set forth by the American Medical Association, and his moral commitment to the welfare and livelihood of the patient. Therefore, the conflict arises as to whether or not the patient should have the pacemaker deactivate so that she can end her quantity of life and would this action be morally
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Margie then discusses her desires to the social worker at the nursing home. The social worker recommended that she take her case to the ethics committee.
The patient shows the ability to make her own treatment decisions as she has knowledge of the issues, is capable of making such decisions and there is no sign of coercion in reaching her decision. (, 2008). Margie shows the understanding that the deactivation of the pacemaker may end her life. She has made it known that continued treatment with the pacemaker is no longer consistent with her healthcare goals. (Pozgfar, 2012).

Communication: The ethics committee has spoken with other healthcare professionals in the community with regards to case. Several professionals feel that there is an ethical dilemma at this time to turn the pacemaker off. The professionals that feel there is a dilemma are Dr. Vijay, Cardiologist; Jane Robinson, Social Worker; and Cindy Mackin, Rehabilitation Center Administrator. The healthcare professionals on the ethics committee understand the issues presented to them and have personally communicated with the patient in regards to her wishes of the patient. Upon investigating other cases involve similar ethical dilemmas, the ethics committee has considered several cases and consultations before reaching a conclusion. (, 2008).

Choice: The ethics committee has evaluated this case and other cases that are similar in nature and have

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