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Obama Care

Amreen Qadir
December 14, 2014
HSM 544
Course Project amreen_qadir@hotmail.com Executive Summary In the past few years, insurance was the major issue for the government because it was costing them to pay for each patient who could not afford for medical care. There were millions of people who were uninsured and something had to be done to make change. President Obama decided to make a change and fought for the right of uninsured Americans. He wanted something good for the people so he decided to get open Obama Care. Obama care started last year with many issues with the website and wanted to see if it works of not. Since last year, there have been many changes in everyone lives. However, this year everything has
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So, the counselor decided to make a federal call in which they said that there was a technical issue to their website for people who wants to re-enroll. The only solution they found was to re-create the username and password to accomplish the re-enrollment. If these issues continue at healthcare.gov then consumers will not get insurance. I think it is good if there are no more technical issues in the website so consumers can enroll easily. If I was going to enroll into a new plan, I do not want to take that much time in filling an application just to get insurance. It is best to get the issue resolved as quickly as possible. Last year, when everyone was enrolling, the computer system crashed and the deadline was gone. So, it is needed to get the website resolved.
Problem/Solution 1 There are multiple problems that have to be solved. The first problem is that Obama care is focusing on making sure everyone gets health insurance. First of all, you do not want anyone to force you to get something? No! Because you know what is right and wrong for you. Obama care is a force and I think everyone can make his or her own decision if they want insurance or not. From my own opinion, I think the only solution to this problem is to let people decide if they want to enroll or not. From this, money will be saved and people can decide for their best in health decision. If we all make a change to the issue, I think the society will be happier.

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