HTC U11: Questions And Answers

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HTC U11: Questions and Answers
In recent years, many things went wrong with HTC. The reason is that they could not create a competitive smartphone. The U11 model was supposed to lead the Taiwanese manufacturer out of this whirlpool. Did it work out? Let’s find out.
What is in the box?
The cute white box contains a charging unit and a USB cable, a clip for the SIM tray, a wired headset with removable ear pads, a plastic case, and an adapter with USB C to the familiar 3.5mm jack. In general, the equipment turned out to be quite plush, by modern standards.
What is groundbreaking about the appearance?
Nothing unusual, familiar to other Smartphones they used a combination of glass and metal. The fact is this designs used in most brands available
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The Plus versions not been officially introduced yet. However, attracted attention for users due to a leak in the department and features a six-inch screen with rounded edges, 18:9 aspect ratio, and a fingerprint scanner on the rear panel. The hardware remains the same.
For whom is the HTC U11?
The U11 will appeal to music lovers and mobile photographers - these performance indicators are at its height. In principle, it will suit gamers, executives, and students. The hardware makes the smartphone universal, and interesting gesture management only attracts more attention. The problem is that the U11 has tough competitors, such as the Galaxy S8 and Google Pixel, which are good; moreover, they have much more support of their audience than HTC.
What are the shortcomings?
Summarizing all of the above, the main shortcomings of the smartphone are the short battery life. Further, it lacks a modern front panel. You can also find fault with the camera and is slow. Then there is the lack of modern Bluetooth 5.0 and an audio port if this is critical for you.
What is the price of the HTC U11?
The cost of the smartphone starts from $650 let's say directly, the competition in this price category is way more serious than the HTC
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