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HTML5 HTML 5 is the newest iteration of HTML, the basic language of the Web.HTML 5 will replace both current versions, HTML 4.01 and XHTML 1.0 and DOM Level 2 HTML Before discussing HTML 5, you should be familiar with the basics of how to write HTML code. HTML is very easy to get the hang of, and once you're excellent with writing code in standards-compliant XHTML and also find the new features of HTML 5 to be very easy to implement. Html5 defines the 5 major revision of core language of the world wide web.html5 is combination of new features are introduces for helping to web authors. New features are adding based on research authority practices special thing was defining clear. In rich internet application to reduce the need for…show more content…
Issues * If end-to-end security is required, a protocol like WS-SecureConversation may reduce the overhead. * The merging of several XML-schemata like SOAP, SAML, XML ENC, XML SIG might cause dependencies on different versions of library functions like canonicalization and parsing, that are difficult to manage in an application server. Performance WS-Security adds significant overhead to SOAP-processing due to the increased size of the message on the wire, XML and cryptographic processing, requiring faster CPUs and more memory and bandwidth. An evaluation in 2005 [1] measured 25 types of SOAP messages of different size and complexity processed by WSS4J with both WS-Security and WS-Secure Conversation on a Pentium 4/2,8 GHz CPU. Some findings were: * Encryption was faster than signing * Encryption and signing together were 2-7 times slower than signing alone and produced significantly bigger documents. * Depending on the type of message, WS-Secure Conversation either made no difference or reduced processing time by half in the best case. * It took less than 10 milliseconds to sign or encrypt up to an array of 100 kilo bytes, but it took about 100~200 to perform the security operations for SOAP. Alternative In point-to-point situations confidentiality and data integrity can also be enforced on Web services through the use of Transport Layer Security (TLS), for example, by sending messages over https. WS-Security however addresses

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