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Project Paper: Office Art Memo Professor Charles Hunsucker HUM 112 August 18, 2014 As an employee and a student taking a humanities class, I have been asked by my boss to select six various art pieces for the new corporate offices for our real estate firm. When my boss first gave me the task of managing the art budget and selecting the pieces I was quite nervous. She then reassured me by stating that she knew I was the person for the task, as I have asked her to read over and review several of my class assignment papers and she did with good feedback. With her reassurance, I also reviewed many of the aspects we covered in my humanities class and began my search for the perfect selections to compliment our beautiful new…show more content…
The notion coincides with the aspect of my CEO’s decision to open a new corporate real estate firm, deciding it was the best time /season to do so. The colors in the painting is also matches the décor near the wall by the receptionists area, the orange and blue colors complement each other. The next piece is that of artist Henri Rousseau, born on May 21, 1844, in Laval, France. Rousseau’s painting “Suburban Scene” is termed a landscape painting. This painting was chosen particularly because the subject of a housing community and the artwork represents our world of real estate. The painting depicts a peaceful neighborhood, showing a lake and people fishing, as a real estate company we are matching individuals to communities as portrayed in the portrait. The third painting from the Impressionist era is that of artist Joseph Mallord William Turner (British, 1775–1851). Turner’s “The Lake of Zug”, 1843 is a beautiful portrait painted in watercolor over graphite that were sketched based from Turner’s trip to the Swiss Alps. The color contrast is beautiful, the sight of the sun setting behind the mountains signifying the end of one day and the encouragement of another. The sun shines on the lake, with basking glows that illuminate the people and the surrounding mountings. This portrait fits the company image, because it shows that there is a beacon of light that still shines and brighten things around them. The

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