HUMI Midterm Exam

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During the sixth week of my HUMI 1 class, I decided to focus my attention on “Doing”. Usually when you want to accomplish something, you tend to do something. It is only common sense that if you do something, you will get somewhere with what you do. However, it is not always that case that you will always get what you want by continuously doing. Sometimes you just have to “be” instead “doing” sometimes. As I proceeded to look into the topic of “Doing,” I immediately thought of studying as a scenario in which doing and being are both required. During the week in which I looked into “Doing,” I had a midterm exam coming up for my forensic anthropology class. There was a lot of information that needed to be memorized for my midterm and I had approximately…show more content…
However, being stubborn and persistent at the same time is not always the best situation to be in. To relax myself, I took a walk and a nap rather than continuously stressing myself out. After some period of time, I went back to skateboarding and attempting to land the trick I learned. I was not successful in the beginning, but I was definitely more focused and relaxed, allowing me to eventually land the trick after a short period of time. During these two experiments, I was able to come to the realization that there is a time to “do” and a time to “be”. By doing something you will most commonly make progress, however you will not always get where you want. Being persistent with a sense of motivation will get you places. From personal experience, I always assumed that if you do something, you will get somewhere and what you want. However, by not doing anything or taking a step back in a time of need, it helped me achieve what I want. The way that I look at the two, both are equally as important and useful in their own situations and time of need. Knowing when to do something and when to take a break will allow for us to inevitably achieve what we
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