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HUN 4446 Exam 2 Study Guide
Lactose Mal Digestion/ Malabsorption
1. What are the products of lactose digestion? -The products of lactose digestion are glucose and galactose.
2. What is lactase deficiency? -Lactase deficiency is a deficiency in the enzyme that breaks down lactose. The causes of lactase deficiency include congenital defects, secondary lactase deficiency, and primary (acquired).
3. Define lactose maldigestion, identify the potential etiologies of lactose maldigestion, and describe the metabolic/physiologic effects of lactose maldigestion. -Lactose Maldigestion: reduced digestion of lactose due to low lactase activity that subsequently results in MALABSORBTION of lactose; it may be asymptomatic. - The
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1. Crohn’s Disease 2. Ulcerative Colitis
3. Describe the factors that are believed to contribute to the etiology of Crohn’s disease. - You need to be genetically susceptible to the disease, and then something in the environment triggers it. [also, something about microbiota and an inflammatory immune response].

4. Describe the symptoms/ clinical manifestations of Crohn’s disease. - Signs and symptoms of Crohn’s disease are: ◦diarrhea, abdominal pain and tenderness ◦blood/mucus in the stool (less likely than Ulcerative colitis, though) ◦tenesmus (strong urge to relieve your bowels) ◦weight loss ◦fever ◦anorexia ◦delayed growth in pre-pubescent patients ◦perianal fistula ◦↑ inflammatory markers: ESR (erythrocyte sedimentation rate – how fast RBCs fall); C-reactive protein
5. Describe the tests and procedures used to diagnose Crohn’s disease. -The tests used to diagnose Crohn’s disease include an endoscopy/colonoscopy, or a capsule endoscopy, where you swallow a little pill that takes pictures. -Small bowel x-ray/ barium enema - CT scan - ASCA (antisaccharomyces Ab) [tests for yeast antibodies because people with IBD are more susceptible to yeast infections, so they would be more likely to have anto-yeast antibodies.] -biopsy *There is no single test to detect Crohn’s disease
6. What are the potential complications for Crohn’s disease? -Potential complications of Crohn’s disease are: ◦obstruction or

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