Haachci's Influence On What Makes The Disabled

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Through all odds Owen and Haathci conquered the unimaginable. This inconceivable pair did the unthinkable by coming back from their disabilities to still be successful. This heart felt story award winning starts off with a lonely boy who has the disability of Schwartz-Jampel syndrome. This disability causes severe contraction of the muscles which untimely keeps the person from walking. Owen felt alone in this world until his parents brought him home a friend named haachi. Haachi had been in a bad accident and lost one leg and part of his tail. This disability of haachi allowed him to form a bond with Owen. His parents say that this dog understands Owen and how he is different. The bond created by this unlikely pair inspires me and how I live…show more content…
Haathci was left for dead after he got injured in the rail yard but ageist all odds he got up and struggled along for 5 days until he was rescued. Similar to Haachi Owen could have given up on the world and his life but he decided to struggle along. Both of these character had the misfortune of being disabled but that did not stop them. They had the confidence to wait until things got better for the both of them Another unbelievable and inspirational ways this story is amazing is how Haachci bonded with Owen. Haachci was tied down to railroad tracks and left for dead by humans. This act of animal cruelty could have frightened Haachci forever but it didn’t. This act did not bother or hurt Haachci thoughts on Owen. This was evident when Owen and Haachci met each in England. Right when they met eyes a connection was made between them. A bond that would last them the rest of there lives together. Lastly the most incredible example of their bond together was when they entered the United Kingdom dog show. Under all odds they made it to the finals of the show on national television. Through all the hardships each one of them went through lead them to that moment in time, which led to a championship at the national dog
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