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Title Exam Project (60%)

The Haagen-Daz brand was launched in 1961, yet remained relatively unknown before its sensual advertising repositioned the brand as an Adult Ice Cream. Within five months of the advertising launch, Haagen-Dazs became the best selling premium ice cream in Britain with a market share twice that of its nearest rival.

Your remit is to investigate how the ice cream was repositioned so successfully from a little know niche product to a global brand (now available in 54 countries.) Your project should be both theoretical and applied and should include the following elements:

- identification and application of relevant marketing models which help to explain the company’s
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Haagen-Dazs was the first ice-cream company to introduce the premium and super-premium ice-cream and separated it from the rest of the ordinary ice-cream brands. In the beginning of the paper, a short market analysis will be presented aiming to introduce the reader to the premium ice-cream market. Proceeding with the paper what follows is the positioning of the product. More specifically, the paper is referred to the re-positioning of Haagen-Dazs as a super-premium ice-cream and also, via its sensual ad, as a product that is a means to pleasure. Moreover, the segmentation and the target market of the company are stated and explained. In order for the reader to better appreciate the positioning
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