Haarp Pros And Cons

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The government does have weather manipulation tech, it’s called HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) the purpose of weather modification is to prove that this isn’t a conspiracy, weather manipulation is possible, cloud seeding is a common way to modify weather the government does not control the weather, the US Army and Air Force do, but the federal has tried to take down HAARP so many times, HAARP is also used for locating weapon facilities, the purpose for altering the weather is to prevent any bad weather happening before it’s too late, also so it wouldn’t ruin any special events, like parades, parties, and so on. Although, weather modification causes constant questions, mysterious ones too, the weather also changes…show more content…
What can you do about HAARP? Thousands of people want the nation to get together and stand their ground and take down HAARP, and the other half of the people want HAARP, because there are pros and cons about this radio transmitter. HAARP is financed by the congress so that’s where people want to start at. It sends a signal to the very top of the atmosphere and deliberates heat half of the upper atmosphere. HAARP is in command of the US Army, US Air Force, and Philips Laboratory which is located at Hansom Air Force Base, Massachusetts and also two navy companies in the District of Columbia. “The EM waves are in charge of to target the ionosphere layer of our atmosphere with 40-500 miles above the earth’s surface.” (Statesman 1) HAARP has begun at the end of 1980s and has been concluded in 2005. HAARP can do just about any weather destruction, from drizzling to tsunamis. Some people think that this technology transmitter is just to unlock secrets and mysteries, but behind this mystery, did you know we can actually control the
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