Habeas Corpus Essay

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Habeas Corpus and Why It Can Be Suspended From Detainees Ira Brim American Intercontinental University Abstract In this essay the subject of Habeas Corpus and what events that take place to have Habeas Corpus to he suspended by executive orders from the President’s of the United States. The circumstances, that transpired that empower certain presidents to have such authority gave down by Congress, to implement the extreme acts to protect our Nation. The two most important issues for our country are to keep National Security and Public Safety. But in the time war or an act of aggression on United State soil, Presidents have to use his commander and chief obligations without a lot diplomatic procedures. The objective of this essay…show more content…
President Abraham Lincoln, in his first hours of his Presidency, was already responding with the start of the U.S. Civil War. Maryland was leading towards siding with the confederacy. Since Washington D.C. is encircled in the States, it was most important to have the state of Maryland, to be loyal to the union. Without this, Union troop movement, in Maryland, to defend the White House, would be impossible. The war would have gone in a Confederate victory. With all that, President Lincoln was facing to protect National Security; He issued an order to military commanders suspending Habeas corpus during the Civil War, which allowed the military to arrest and detain persons without trail for an indefinite time. Congress later passes a law suspending Habeas Corpus, (2005). After the Civil War was over, one detainee named Lambdin P. Milligan, who was charged with conspiracy, and sentenced to be hung. He appealed his case and the U.S. Supreme condemned President Lincoln’s order having military jurisdiction over civilian outside the war zone (1999). President Franklin D. Roosevelt, after Japans’ surprise attack on Pearl Harbor and the Declaration of War on Japan, exercised his executive authority. In the beginning of the U.S. engagement in World War II, President Roosevelt was concerned with Japanese
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