Habit 2 Research Paper

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Habits Have you ever set a goal in your life and wondered how you would reach it? Putting important things first helps you reach that goal. Putting school, homework and sports first in front of friends, parties and socializing helps you make it through school and have a future. Do you think teens who procrastinate but have set a goal will be successful in reaching that goal? They probably will not. Therefore, setting goals, making a plan, and sticking to that plan, will help you be successful and reach the goal you desire.
Setting goals is an important thing to focus on in life. What do you get when you combine the talents, skills, learning abilities, and dreams of your teenager (Put First Things First)? You will find achievement. Achievement means meeting your goal that you have set. A goal doesn't have to be one thing, a goal can be many
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So as you have already seen how setting goals can improve your life, in school setting goals can help you plan effectively for the future by helping you to make good grades, get scholarships, and have a good career. It has been said , " a goal not written is only a wish" ( Covey, p. 95 ). So, if you have a goal it can only be met by you. Although, to set a goal and have a plan to improve your life you have to have confidence. It's always good to step out of your confront zone and achieve something that will reflect on you later in life.
Habit 3 is put first things first. So a good way you can get into starting this habit is by getting a journal or calendar to document your plan and the steps you need to complete your plan to achieve your goal. This will help you keep track of what's going on. So for example , if you have a test in two days write it down in a calendar and look back at it so then you want be studying at the last minute. So always be aware of what needs to be done and what doesn't. Shirley Conran stated, "First things first, second things never"(
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