Habits of the Mind

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Habits of Mind The habits of mind might better be termed the habits of a perfected mind since most have not acquired all of these habits. The two selected for this paper are persistence and precision. Both are difficult to embed because they require disciple and mental toughness. This paper discusses the connection between the two and how they can be defeated if a student is distracted from them. Persistence and precision are habits of mind that require many of the same skills to acquire. Persistence is defined as sticking to a task until it is completed (Costa & Kallick, 2008). It is the ability to fail and to continue pressing towards a goal despite continuous rejection of the effort. People who have this trait are not afraid of the outcome of a single endeavor, but press on until they are successful. Having precision of language and thought is striving to "communicate accurately in both written and oral form, taking care to use precise language; defining terms; and using correct names, labels and analogies" (Costa & Kallick, 2008). This ability is fostered by a mind that wants to ensure that it is communicating thoughts clearly so that they are not misunderstood. It is also a skill that takes a great deal of determination and discipline to perfect. These two skills can be innate, in a very few people, but by the majority they are acquired (Watts, 2012). Thinking clearly is the first step to communicating clearly, and this leads to the ability to accomplish tasks. A

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