Hack An Iphone Analysis

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The articles of the constitution have withstood the change of time because our country founders worded them in such a way so that principle ideas will never be questioned. The FBI in the case of one of the California shooters, Syed Farook, pressured Apple to hack the phone without the search warrant. The FBI shouldn't have pressured Apple to hack an iPhone because it breaches privacy, it violates free speech, and it hurts apple's business.

From the business point of view of Apple, "I have seen Arguments that Apple refused to unlock the phone for business reasons, to protect the Brand." (2) This because Apple phone sales would decrease because people of the world do not want to be tracked on their phones. Also, the company has a responsibility
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Government has no right to force anybody to provide Services against their will." (2) If the U.S. did force companies to provide services to violate personal privacy, freedom or speech, or fundamental human rights, they would behave no differently than the governments of Russia or China. Unlike the U.S., these governments have no respect for individual rights or free speech.

On the other hand, many people may argue that by hacking into the shooter's iPhone it would increase national security. But, "The Fourth Amendment was meant to protect Americans from illegal searches. This means that police or other law enforcement can't search your home, car, or clothing without permission from a court. It also guarantees Americans' right to privacy... It doesn't say that a person's home or belongings can't be searched at all. It does say that the government must have a good reason for the search, or 'probable cause.' And the government must get permission, in the form of a warrant from a judge by showing probable cause." (1) That is because the fourth amendment gives us the right to privacy.

All in all, Apple did choose the right thing of refusing to hack into the iPhone. If Apple would breach the Phone, then they would break the constitution by going against the first and fourth amendment. Also, if Apple did violate the device, then it would have hurt the brand name. To avoid any other issues such as this one in the future we should amend the constitution or add laws that adjust to changing technology in the
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