Hacking And Its Effect On Human Behavior Essay

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Hacking in computer networking is the desire to manipulate the normal behaviour of a network connection or a connected system, a hacker is the person who is instigating the hack. In today’s society, we generally refer to any malicious programming attack over the internet or a network to be hacking. Hacking originated between the 1950s and 60s by M.I.T engineers, they originally were meant for learning and experiment purposes and usually took place at the ‘model train club’. However, these attacks soon became popular outside of M.I.T with perpetrators experimenting with modifying telephones for long distance calls for free, overtime with the expansion and popularity of the internet, cyber-attacks we today refer to as hacking became more popular. You may be wondering how hacking differs from ethical hacking, ethical hacking is usually done by either a professional or company and is used to identify weaknesses and potential threats on a certain networking system or computer. Ethical hacking is used to help combat hacking with malicious intension by looking for weaknesses so that a network can be built to avoid these attacks and improve security. In this essay, I will be explaining the differences between hacking and ethical hacking, looking at both individually I will show how ethical hacking is not an oxymoron and is used to create a safer and more secure technological world. I will show how ethical hacking can benefit society in professional and personal life and how the
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