Hacking Crimes : Solutions For It

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14 August 2015 Hacking Crimes : Solutions for it
A hacking crime is defined as any criminal act when person hacks or breaks into computer system or computer network in order to illegally obtain sensitive information or disseminate destructive computer software. In order to effectively combat computer crime and discourage hacking activity, lawmakers and computer professionals must understand the motivation behind this activity. The hacking community is a diverse and complicated universe. If the best offense is a good defence, then the best way to predict potential hacking attempts is to understand the mentality of hackers. One way of
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McAfee defines major categoriesof hackers - Black hats, White hats and Grey hats.
A white hats usually works within the laws of hacker ethic (to do no harm) or as a security experts. They are interested in improving security of computer system, operating systems, softwares and networks. They have a long tradition of trying to improve the computing community and its resources. A Black hats forces software vendors and systems administrators to fix security problems by publishing known vulnerabilities. They are associated with anger and hate, whether against a specific company or country and are often associated with web defacements. They have no qualms about stealing or destroying data on the networks that they penetrate.A Grey hats lies between the white hats and black hats. They may surf internet and hack into a computer system for notifying the administrator that their system has a security defect and then they offer to correct the defect for fee. There are some examples of hackers like Andrew Auernheimer who sentenced to 3 years in prison is a grey hat hacker whose security group exposed a flaw in AT&T’s iPad security. Moreover, Dan Kaminsky is an expert who exposed multiple flaws in the protocol and investigated sony’s rootkit security issues in 2005.Another example of hackers is Morris, son of former National Security Agency scientist Robert Morris. He is known as the creator of the Morris
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