Hacking Is A Dangerous Tool

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"If you are a good hacker everybody knows you, But if you are a great hacker nobody knows you" (Rishabh Surya). Hacking is known in the community as a way of stealing information from people and it can be but it can also be a lot more. Hacking is a dangerous tool that can lead to a life of crime. When people hack it is to mostly gain information that would benefit them in some way. Hackers can obtain information from a lot of places but they usually put their focus into one place so they are able to easily obtain information. Hacking is wrong and it is used for wrongful acts of stealing information. Hacking is not ethical because it is used to steal one 's personal information, it is used to steal a business 's information, and is used to…show more content…
With hacking it would be extremely easy to steal enough information to steal someone’s identity. Herbert was conducting experiments to see that if he was actually able to steal someone’s information and then use that certain information to learn more about that certain person. Herbert states that he didn’t even need to use special software to access her information all he did was do a google search of the woman’s name and he was able to find information such as an old resume and a blog. Through some simple steps he was able to find an old email address and then used the forgot my password information link and was able to recover her information which he could then use to access her bank account and all of her money.There are certain ways to keep hackers from getting your personal information though. As Cameron Huddleston’s article explains, there are many different ways for a hacker to steal your information ( A lot of the time people use the same password for many of their online accounts which is not something they should be doing because if a hacker can find out the password on one of the accounts then they can access them all. Also a lot of the time people sign up for a social media websites online such as Facebook. When someone is on a social media website they will usually put in personal information about themselves, but they shouldn’t
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