Hacking Is Not Ethical?

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Hacking is not Ethical "If you are a good hacker everybody knows you, But if you are a great hacker nobody knows you" (Rishabh Surya). Hacking is known in the community as a way of stealing information from people and it can be but it can also be a lot more. Hacking is a dangerous tool that can lead to a life of crime. When people hack it is to mostly gain information that would benefit them in some way. Hackers can obtain information from a lot of places they usually put their focus into one place so they are able to easily obtain information. Hacking is wrong and it is used for wrongful acts of stealing information Hacking is not ethical because it is used to steal one 's personal information, it is used to steal a business 's information, and is used to steal a government 's classified information. Hacking cannot be considered ethical because it is used to get personal information from people. As PrivacyMatters states hacking could never be considered ethical because of all the times it has been used to steal personal information from people (privacy When hacking, people can steal personal information that may be on record in that account.When information such as credit card numbers, get stolen the hacker would usually go to an illegal online trading site where they will sell the information. Hacking has done several things to help steal personal information in fact, there are some extreme cases where a hacker has stolen the identity of another person. In
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