Hacking Is The Responsibility Of The Computer System

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The argument between two hackers who say that it is the responsibility of the owners of the computer system to provide adequate security to keep hackers at bay are completely wrong. Neither their argument nor their perspective holds ground. Before we look into the reasons behind why they are wrong, it is important to first comprehend in detail about hacking and hackers. So what is hacking? The term hacking was first promoted by the famous MIT between 1950s and 1960s. It all started as a fun experiment in a lab, but it led to something completely different today. Hacking is a term used to describe unauthorized, illegal intrusion into a network of connected systems or just an individual system. It is a technical effort or a process that is used to exploit the vulnerabilities of a system or connected systems to gain unauthorized access. Today it is synonymous with malicious activity on the web. The act of hacking is carried out by powerful and highly skilled programmers known as hackers who possess advanced knowledge about the systems. They do it because they are confident about their skills and succeeding in their hacking attempts. These proficient individuals are extremely inquisitive who are in pursuit of private information that is not publicly available. Accessing confidential or private information is just one small part of hacking. They are capable of controlling, modifying and denying the system from any kind of connections or cripple the system entirely bringing it
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