Hacking Lockheed Martin Coop

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Lockheed Martin Corp (LMT) hacking This is a renowned USA government information technology service provider yet it suffered a serious attack on its database that the management termed as "significant and tenacious" (Daily Tech, 2011). This attack was majorly directed towards the enormous Gaithersburg, Maryland center that is located close to the headquarters of the company in Bethesda. The attack included the theft of customer information that would be used to manipulate the WoW accounts. The nature of the attack was such that the hackers took advantage of the Virtual Private Network (VPN) access system that makes it possible for clients to log in remotely through the use of their RSA SecurID hardware tokens. These attackers are said to possess the seeds-factory-encoded random keys that were used by the Lockheed's SecurID hardware fobs, they also possessed the serial numbers and the algorithm that is used to secure the devices making it possible to hack into the system and obtain the customer information from the system. It is the responsibility of the management to hold secure the data and information that they hold on behalf of the clients that they host. This attack was particularly worrying since the corporation is entrusted with highly sensitive government data and the wealth of the American government military information which it should protect from intrusion from external sources. There are also valuable projects for the organization that it protects like

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