Hacking The Iphone Persuasive Essay

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IN 2015 a gunman named Syed Farook had shot and killed 14 people in San Bernarda in the summer of 2016 the FBI asked apple if they could hack into Farooks iPhone. Apple refused, but the FBI hacked into the 1phone without their help. Of course, the FBI caught the gunman, but it brought controversy should the FBI be able to hack into iPhones? And no they shouldn’t! It breaks countless laws if they didn’t have a warrant. But if the FBI has a warrant, then whose Phone are they are searching and is apple helping. Apple did choose the right thing to do, not to hack into an iPhone, if apple would hack into an iPhone then they would be breaking the constitution and it is not necessary.

The FBI didn’t need to hack the iPhone because “Law enforcement
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In the Pro section, it stated “Apple phones have features that protect the privacy of the information of their users… It doesn't matter whether the software the FBI wanted Apple to create would create problems for phone owners. Forcing Apple to create such software would have violated the rights of the company. (8 & 10)” If the FBI would continue to pressure apple then they would be breaking company policy and the law. Also if the FBI would continue to use this software than more privacy would be…show more content…
“The law, known as the PATRIOT Act, granted the federal government sweeping new powers of being able to spy on people. This included expanding the government's wiretapping authority. Wiretapping means secretly using special equipment to listen in to someone's phone conversations. The PATRIOT Act allows "roving" wiretaps. This means the FBI can target a person and tap into any device that person uses, including computers, cell phones, and regular phones.” As stated in the Associated press phone records seized, from newscurrents.com. To clarify, the patriot act has raised controversy because of how unconstitutional it is. Many people believed that it was wrong for the government to tap into phone conversations and remotely check your computer

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